What should I expect when I get to Tuskegee University?

One of the first things that will happen when you arrive is NSO (New Student Orientation. NSO is a two day process where new Midshipmen will learn about how TUNROTC works as well as receive all necessary gear associated with the program.

What are the requirements of a Midshipmen?

Overall, being a Midshipmen means being held to a higher standard than normal college students. You must maintain a certain GPA of a 2.5, participate in unit functions, as well as pass the physical standards of the US Navy.

Do I have to go to bootcamp?

The short answer is no. The closest thing that NROTC program offers compared to "bootcamp" is New Student Indoctrination (NSI). NSI is where new Midshipmen travel to Naval Station Great Lakes. Here Midshipmen will go through an expeditious training program that teaches new comers the basics of military protocol and professionalism.

How many hours of NROTC activities are there during the average week?

Overall, this entirely depends on the Midshipmen command structure to both schedule and execute events. The events will vary with each week but for the most part the events will take place at times that work around Midshipmen's academics.

Can I participate in other extracurriculars found around campus?

Absolutely. One of the perks of coming to a university such as Tuskegee is the abundant opportunities that are offered at school. Some involve internships, work-study positions, clubs, and associations. The important thing to remember is that being a Midshipmen comes first. At the end of the day the whole point of you being here is to commission as a Naval Officer.

How much do I get paid in a month?

The Department of the Navy pays:
  • Tuition
  •  fees
  •  $375 per semester for textbooks
  • Tuskegee University currently pays full room and board in select residence halls for NROTC scholarship recipients.
Monthly Stipend (For those on scholarship):
  • Freshmen - $250
  •  Sophomores - $300
  • Juniors - $350
  • Seniors - $400

Do I need forms of ID or copies of my medical record?

Yes. One of the first things you do when you report to the unit is complete your documentation. Part of this process involves providing forms of ID (social security card, birth certificate, drivers license) as well as having up to date medical documents.

Can I bring my car to school?

Yes. When participating in some NROTC functions and living at Tuskegee, having a car is a very useful tool. For most of the functions having a method to get both on and off campus comes in handy.

Do I need to be enrolled or be accepted into the school prior to joining NROTC?

Yes. In order to be apart of the program all students must be registered and plan on attending the university.

Where can I buy unit Merch?

Merch can be bought at our new online store. Use the URL link below.